What are some common challenges with home automation?
One of the challenges with home automation is ensuring that all of your home's systems and devices are compatible with the technology you're using. This can require significant research and planning, as well as potentially requiring the purchase of new devices. Another challenge is the potential for technical issues or failures, which can require troubleshooting and maintenance to resolve. Additionally, some people may find it difficult to adapt to using home automation technology, and may need to spend some time learning how to use it effectively.
What is the ideal stage for automation?
The ideal stage for automation is when the planning is complete and the structure is ongoing. The electrical wiring has not started and the interior is not done. We can usually suggest how to plan for all the systems if the stage is right so that extra metal boxes and sockets are not placed in the wall unnecessarily. This saves the customer or the builders on cost, and we suggest our metal boxes as our devices require a little more depth in the wall to accommodate all the wiring for the integrations.
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